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The basketball culture has let down youth athletes for many years and it is time we evolve and bring some new ideas to the forefront.  The game is amazing, it is my passion, but at the end of the day it is a GAME.  Coaches, trainers, and parents need to be held accountable to teach the game of basketball with a deeper and more meaningful purpose, set on a foundation that utilizes the GAME as a vessel to impact future generations.  There are many lessons that can be taught through the fundamentals of the game and these are the lessons that coaches have been preaching for many years:


  • Teamwork
  • Hard work
  • Determination
  • Overcoming adversity
  • etc.


These are all amazing lessons and beliefs that we must continue to teach to our athletes, but there is another level.   I often hear coaches say that they “teach life through basketball.” This is a great statement, but without substance, training, and consistent practice these are just words used to spin a marketing story, often to build a brand or a business.   When I hear this statement, I often get straight to the point, “How do you teach these things?”  The answer is always the same:


“ahhh,” with a long pause “when we lose we talk about working hard to bounce back in our next game.”  


Again, while there is an extreme amount of value in using experiences that players will encounter through the fundamental principles of the game to teach life lessons, this should not be an acceptable answer. As coaches and trainers we have the full attention of our players, they are a captivated audience.  We hold the key to unlocking new habits and tools that will profoundly impact their life: we are a thought leader in their passion.  We are the ones teaching them a game that they absolutely love.  It is through their love of basketball that we have the opportunity to push valuable life lessons.  Players might not listen to their parents (they should) and they might not listen to their teacher (they should), but most likely they will listen to their basketball coach.  It is with this power, we must take these lessons and go NEXT LEVEL.


In this blog we will talk basketball (it is a basketball blog): we will share training tips, game tips and more basketball focus content, but we will be sharing something that every coach, every trainer, every parent, and every player should consume with all of their heart, mind, and soul.  We are going to share content that will help you not only reach the next level as a baller, but also content that will help you as a student, friend, son/daughter, a future husband/wife, father/mother, friend, entrepreneur, professional, etc.  There will be information that will not only help you score more buckets, but also be the most amazing person you can possibly be.


Here are some of the sample topics we will focus on:

  • Defining your purpose and building yours why.
  • Setting realistic and stretch goals and attaining them.
  • Focusing your mind before a big game. 
  • How to earn a basketball scholarship.
  • Dealing with injuries.
  • Preparing for a game.
  • Becoming an efficient player.
  • Dealing with sitting on the bench.
  • How to become a leader and influence your teammates.
  • How to communicate with your coach.
  • Creating more energy to sustain your success.
  • How to communicate with the refs.
  • How to communicate with parents.
  • Handling difficult teammates.
  • How to take ownership in your game.
  • Academic tips and tricks to not only stay eligible, but make the deans list.
  • Creating a plan to manage your time and schedule.
  • And many, many, many more….


It is absolutely vital to start teaching life skills at a young age and utilize a player’s passion for basketball as a vessel to instill a foundation of values that can potentially have a massive impact on their future.   3.1% of high school seniors will play basketball in college, with only 2% of them earning a college scholarship.  .03% of high school basketball players will eventually be drafted by an NBA team and play the sport as a profession.  I don’t use these numbers as a means to break a kids spirits, if your goal is to play in college and the NBA, shoot for the moon.  Who says that you can’t be the 2% or the .03% that makes it.  I do believe however that a great focus needs to be had on using basketball as a vessel and teaching life through the game, because for the 99.97% of youth athletes, they won’t be playing the game as a career.


We look forward to having you join us and our journey as we share over 30 years experience playing the game at the highest levels.   Stay tuned for more blog posts, video blogs, podcasts, basketball training, life coaching, and basketball consulting.



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